Business leader hails the strengths of Lancashire’s family firms

A Lancashire business leaders has hailed family firms, ahead of the deadline for the BIBAs awards.

By Tim Gavell
Tuesday, 5th April 2022, 12:30 pm

According to research by Credit Suisse, the global finance group, family-owned businesses have outperformed non-family owned rivals since 2006.

Its findings indicate that family firms owe much of their success to long-term planning, rather than a focus on short-term profit generation and that they are generally more resilient to external events.

It says they tend to place more emphasis on environmental and social imperatives too, noting that family run businesses relied less on government employment support to furlough their workforce during the Covid-19 pandemic, suggesting that this implicitly reflects their own social responsibilities.

Dawn Cheetham MBE

The Institute for Family Business says that family-run businesses account for more than 86 per cent of all private sector firms in the UK and estimates that they are responsible for over half of all jobs.

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BIBAs winners were a testament to the resilience of Lancashire's business commun...

CKS Catering of Blackpool, which is sponsoring the Family Business of the Year category in the Be Inspired Business Awards, the BIBAs, points to examples such as Booths Supermarkets,

Bowker Group, and hygiene chemicals manufacturer Evans Vanodine as proof that this trend is evident here in Lancashire.

The BIBAs awards ceremony

“Lancashire has more than its fair share of successful, family run businesses,” said Dawn Cheetham. “Many of them have been trading for over a hundred years, steered by generation

after generation of the same family, and you can see how they’ve become woven into the fabric of society here.

“They stand out because they tend to exhibit a purpose beyond profit. It’s evident in their commitment to local sourcing, and how they look after employees.

“The very nature of family is to care for and support one another, and I think it’s this that makes family run businesses so resilient and willing to take the long view, building a legacy as they go.

CKS Catering was launched in 1977 and offers a complete service to professional caterers, including everything from kitchen design to installation and maintenance, and has one of the

largest selections of equipment and utensils in the North West.

The company was founded in 1977 by Hugh Chatterton and is run by the second generation of the family.

“I’m looking forward to judging entrants in the Family Business of the Year category in this yea’s BIBAs, and eager to see how family firms of all sizes have been able to turn their close-knit ties into a commercial advantage,” added Dawn.

The deadline for BIBAs entries is 5pm on Friday, April 8.

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