20 incredible scenes from Zone at the Venue which dominated Blackpool's Rave Scene in the 1990s

It was a micro span of time but the Rave Scene dominated much of the 1990s.

And in Blackpool, right at the beating heart of it was the legendary Zone events. They were the home of dance music, long before the genre became truly mainstream. It was completely new and exploded into a culture of its own. Zone started in 1991 by founders Debby D and Barry Jay and predominantly featured Italian House music.

While the event began life at Jenks Bar, Zone has had many homes in the resort including The Venue, Syndicate and The Palace, as well as homes outside of Blackpool such as The Mill in Preston and Maximes in Wigan. These photos are courtesy of those people who lived and loved the music – they tell a story and go right back to the beginning. Many thanks to Kelly Dawson, Zone at the Venue and to those who have kindly contributed their picture memories.

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