Sparkly wigs and drinks in hand -  a fun night in 1999
Sparkly wigs and drinks in hand - a fun night in 1999

Scenes from Brannigans in Blackpool during the 90s and 00s - 42 pictures that will take you right back

Brannigans – the word itself instantly brings back memories of the best nights out. And that’s how it was back in the day as 42 pictures here show.

By Claire Lark
Friday, 18th February 2022, 3:45 pm
Updated Friday, 18th February 2022, 3:59 pm

These photos are all from the 1990s and 2000s when Blackpool nightlife was booming. And so was the dancefloor at the iconic Brannigans, bouncing to the sounds of local DJ’s. Everyone knew the venue. A prime site in the heart of Blackpool and right on the seafront, it was a meeting place for the locals. And holidaymakers loved it too. The photos pick up on packed nights on the dancefloor, theme nights, a re-opening, fun competitions and ecstatic scenes of fans watching England matches. Of course Brannigans is still is a hot spot for nightlife and events at its prominent venue in Market Street. It has several bars and dancefloors.

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