11 historic retro pictures of Blackpool's famous Tower, including images of the landmark being constructed

This is a fascinating set of photos which show Blackpool Tower under construction every step of the way.

If you’re proud to be from Blackpool they are quite emotive, as the incredible 518ft tall structure, which was a mean feat of engineering in the 1800s, stands as proudly today as it has ever done.

It was actually modelled on the Eiffel Tower after the Mayor of Blackpool, John Bickerstaffe, had marvelled over the Paris landmark and decided he would build one in Blackpool. The foundation stone was laid on September 29, 1891, almost 131 years ago to the day and a time capsule was buried with it. Wonder what was in it? With Blackpool’s windy climate in mind, it was built to gently sway in the breeze, an advanced technique for its day. Blackpool Tower also contains 2,500 tonnes of iron and five million bricks.