Lancashire care company’s gets on its mopeds and offers new services

A Lancashire care company has launched a new division and has bought a fleet of mopeds to help members of staff get to clients’ homes.

Alcedo Care Group, which has offices in Blackpool and Preston, has invested £250,000 in its new complex care division.

It will expand on existing services and offer more acute and intensive, services including round-the-clock bedside nursing, the administration of complex medication or ventilators, treatment of patients with brain injuries, providing peg feeds and maintaining tracheostomy tubes.

And the company is trialling a new initiative to help with recruitment, having spent more than £20,000 on five new mopeds for employees to use in work hours,

Alcedo Care has bought mopeds to help tits staff get around to visit their care clients, L to R Robyn Bamber, Holly Beddoe, Andy Boardman, Vanessa Collins and Sophie Emmerson

More than 50 per cent of applicants received recently for new jobs were non-drivers. By purchasing the mopeds, Alcedo Care is now able to recruit people it would not have otherwise been able to, allowing the fast-growing firm to achieve its goal of recruiting 100 people per month.

Clare Murray from Liverpool takes the role of operations and quality manager for the new complex care division and aims to expand her team to 300 permanent employees by the end of December 2022, recruiting both internally and externally and appointing highly qualified nurses from across the North West.

Andy Boardman, managing director at Alcedo Care, said demand was rising for the delivery of more acute care in the home environment.

He said: “The complex care division also offers additional opportunities for the continued professional development of our team, with many of our carers excited about upskilling and developing into this area ensuring we become a real leading force in the delivery of high quality care services at home.”

With the mopeds, the company is paying for employees to undertake the nationally recognised CBT course, ensuring they are compliant and legally able to drive. It is also providing insurance and safety equipment.

Andy Boardman added: “This is a pilot scheme for Alcedo Care, but we really do believe the mopeds will help with our recruitment drive throughout 2022. With plans to employ 1,000 people and having noticed that more than half of all applicants were non-drivers, we needed to come up with a solution that helps our team get around to our clients.”

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