"We did it" - power of community shines through as Isabelle Grundy fundraisers surpass £200,000 mark paving the way for US cancer treatment

Five weeks and five days of countless fundraisers later a £200,000 goal that will see Isabelle Grundy - the little girl whose defiant smile in the face of cancer melt hearts, head to the US for potential life-saving treatment has been reached.

By Emma Downey
Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 9:46 am

Her story, which was told on various platforms including ITV News, united the public in one common goal - to get her to the US to receive potentially life saving treatment and that they did!

Six-year-old Isabelle from Thornton Cleveleys who attends Anchorsholme Primary School was diagnosed last July as a High Risk Stage Four Neuroblastoma - a rare form of cancer that affects mostly babies and young children which carries with it a 50 percent survival rate.

Mother Louisa Moss and father Blaine Grundy alongside her big brother Grayson have been unrelenting in their fight to get her the treatment she so desperately needs.

Isabelle with her big brother Grayson.

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Overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers, Isabelle's mother Louisa said: "On behalf of the Grundy family we would like to thank the community as a whole for their incredible support and generosity, without you all this wouldn’t of been possible, thank-you from the bottom of our hearts."

Louisa's good friend Emma Robinson who started the GoFundMe Page alongside Samantha Douglas and has relentlessly campaigned since, said: "Last night (Sunday) while at the Stand up for Isabelle event we went over the £200,000 mark.

"We have done this in five weeks and five days!

Isabelle with her good friend Theo Robinson.

"Thank you to every single person who has helped us hit this amount. It's just incredible.

"The way our community has pulled together for Isabelle to raise money for this potentially life saving treatment is just amazing."

Emma's son Theo who is one of Isabelle's best friends and class mates also took on his mother's kind nature by ensuring his school friend was not left out at Christmas while she was in hospital and raised money to get her Christmas gifts.

Eric Taylor who goes to school with Isabelle's brother Grayson was adamant he wanted to do something to help and decided to run 200 miles in less than 50 days.

Eric Taylor who is running and cycling 200 miles for Isabelle and has surpassed his goal of £1,500 to £2,848.

Other fundraisers included:

Anchorsholme Academy stand up for Isabelle comedy show.

Year Five mums walk from Anchorsholme Park to Blackpool Tower and back.

Thornton Cleveleys FC age four to six Anchorsholme park run.

Grayson and Isabelle.

Bob’s better day’s cold water dip.

School mums come together to do funday at Blackpool Sea Cafettes.

Blackpool Tower lit up for Isabelle kindly paid for by Peter Murray and Katie Earlam.

Class three children of Anchorsholme watch the tower light blue and yellow for Isabelle.

Wetherspoons staff from Cleveleys plan for bike ride to Manchester and back.

Classroom doors around Anchorsholme School covered in blue and yellow butterflies made by Isabelle’s class friends.

Isabelle Grundy can now travel to the US for cancer treatment.

Class Three pupils wearing their specially made T-shirts made by Kerry Sweeney.

Jon Nichol arranged bike ride with local football team BJFF taking part.

Fylde Coast Soccer under nines.

Car boot sales, cake sales.

Thirty Tesco stores in the North west do a raffle one of which to win an andrex puppy teddy.

Friends Dan Court and Callum Lynch walk from Blackpool FC to Man City.

Eight co-op stores do a raffle for Valentine’s to raise funds.

Diamond Pet services held a community dog walk.

Class Three mums held a raffle and quiz at the Golden Eagle.

Hello Bon Bon handmade and sold specially designed rings for Isabelle.

Louisa added: "Isabelle still has a long road ahead of her but we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Our next step for myself and Blaine is planning Isabelle’s trip to the USA to start her first two years of the Bivalent Vaccine treatment."

Isabelle's parents Louisa and Blaine at the comedy night at Anchorsholme in which all proceeds went towards Isabelle's fund.
One of the many fundraisers that took place.
Fancy a dip?
Blackpool Tower recently lit up for Isabelle.
Pupils of Anchorsholme were out in force at Blackpool Tower illumination to support Isabelle.
Theo with some of the many Christmas presents for Isabelle and his mother Emma Robinson who both started the fundraising campaign.