Fylde coast gets self assessment tax reminder

HMRC is reminding people to fill in their tax formsHMRC is reminding people to fill in their tax forms
HMRC is reminding people to fill in their tax forms
HM Revenue and Customs is urging the North West's 985,000 Self Assessment (SA) customers to register for a Personal Tax Account (PTA), and see how easy submitting a tax return really can be.

The PTA is available to everyone and, once registered, each customer’s personal tax details are stored in a convenient and secure online place.

It said everything needed to calculate and pay any tax owed is right at the customer’s fingertips, and it means getting in touch with HMRC is faster too, with access to services such as webchat and virtual assistant.

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Following its launch last December, the PTA proved so popular and simple to use that 850,000 customers chose to submit their 2014/15 SA return through the service in January.

Ruth Owen, director general of customer services, at HMRC said:“It’s not just the festive season that’s round the corner, so is the 31 January Self Assessment deadline, and it will be here faster than you think.

“It only takes a couple of minutes and means submitting your tax return is efficient, effective and easy.”

Customers submitting their tax return online for the first time will need to register for an activation code, which will be posted to them, and can take a couple of days to arrive. HMRC said there were currently 181,000 people registered for self assessment in the Lancashire area.

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Customers can access their Personal Tax Account on any device – PC, tablet or smartphone. It said the site is is secure and takes just a few minutes to get started. Those doing it for the first time will need their National Insurance number, either a recent payslip or P60 (a passport can be used)and a phone to receive a security access code.