Blackpool Tache nightclub: I loved the old sticky floors and genuinely nice people, the new one isn't the same

The Tache was the home of rock music in Blackpool and these photos relive moments from the years before it shut down in 2011.

Heavy metal, nu-metal or good old fashioned rock, The Tache was reputedly one of the safest venues in town and back in its day it held its own against pubs offering live music.

Regulars included moshers and the college and university crowd, to ageing punks, rockers and heavy metal bikers.

The dance floor was, for a time, painted as a Union Jack – and by 1988, Frenchy’s nightclub was upstairs with its own door and stairs on the left of the building. It later became Barney Rubbles.

The Tache was temporarily closed in October 2008 and was bought by Blackpool Council in August 2011 to be demolished.

It closed on November 19 2011, and the club itself relocated to the Beat Nightclub above the Rose and Crown on Corporation Street.

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