Meet the Blackpool clairvoyant who switched show jumping for spirits

A Blackpool man has switched show jumping for spirit guides to launch his new career as a clairvoyant.

Alan Brennan had a successful career in the show jumping and eventing world, competing against some of the top names in the sport.

But he always knew he had to move on to a career using his connection to the spirit guide world.

He said: “From a very young age horses fascinated me and I started riding when I was seven, following my older sister and her friend to a riding school. I spent more and more time there eventually being invited to help out with cleaning the yard, mucking out stables and grooming the horses in exchange for riding lessons."

Former show jumper Alan Brennan has launched his own business in Blackpool as a clairvoyant

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Horse owners noticed his talent and he was asked to look after and ride other people’s horses, eventually working in professional stables.

He found success in show jumping events and work in a racing yard, entering show jumping competitions in summer and indoor events over winter.

He said: “I have some wonderful memories. My greatest achievement was winning an event over David Broome the Olympic champion.

Former show jumper Alan Brennan has launched his own business in Blackpool as a clairvoyant with the help of Blackpool Council's Get Started scheme

"I was head hunted by well-known showjumper Roland Fernyhough he took me on to ride some of his horses at shows in the UK and abroad.”

Alan, 56, then moved into looking after and training horses, but he had always been interested in understanding people’s connection to the world, belief systems and visiting clairvoyants.

He said: “The clairvoyancy developed nine years ago. Clairvoyance isn’t for everyone, but over the years I found it useful for me and I started to have visions and insight of my own.

"It was quite strange to be in a shop or at a barbecue with friends and then to have vision of somebody’s loved one, in spirit wanting to pass a message on.”

Former show jumper Alan Brennan has launched his own business in Blackpool as a clairvoyant

After the pandemic lockdowns, Alan enlisted the help of Blackpool Council’s Get Started team and was helped by Kriss Wilson, one of the small business advisers.

He said: “Kriss has given me a lot of information, ideas, and confidence. She has offered support and helped me to believe in myself. You need to make sure that you do your homework first. Get as much advice as you possibly can about your business.

"Now as a clairvoyant medium, I do one-to-one sessions, group readings, spiritual evenings.

"I believe that I have been given this gift for a reason and to help people and give them comfort from their loved ones in the spirit world.

"To see the surprise and joy customers get from a reading is wonderful. I hope that I can go on to help a lot more people in the future with the wonderful gift that I have got.”