LISTEN: Lottery Winners hit homecoming jackpot supporting Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Lottery Winners frontman Thom Rylance today revealed he's never played the Lotto - but he's hit the jackpot!
Lottery WinnersLottery Winners
Lottery Winners

Oasis superfan Thom says it 'means the world' to open the show for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at Wigan’s Robin Park on July 18, writes Graham Walker.

LISTEN: In an exclusive chat the Lottery Winners star says the greatest prize of all is how their music, not least of all chart-topping album Anxiety Replacement Therapy, has helped others - LISTEN HERE.

The Wigan date promises to be a fairytale homecoming win for The Lottery Winners who hail from just down the road in Leigh.

Also supporting are fellow Manchester indie chart stars The Slow Reader’s Club.

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The Lottery Winners comprise of witty, electric front man Thom, the cool, sultry bass of Katie Lloyd, the pounding powerhouse of Joe Singleton on drums and Rob Lally’s slinky melodies.

Of the upcoming Wigan gig Thom admits being starstruck and has to pinch himself that he has Noel Gallagher's phone number.

He told how he had to build up confidence just to say hello when the two met a a festival, but says they hit it off and the indie icon even sorted him out with a guitar.

Thom said of the support gig: "It means the world to me. The first album I ever bought as a kid with my paper round money was Be Here Now by Oasis and I listened to it until the CD on my Walkman didn't work anymore.

"Bizarrely, I've become friends with Noel. I met him at a festival last year and just hit it off with him. He's dead funny. But he's like, to me, this God. I'm just trying to play it cool all the time.

Noel GallagherNoel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher

"They say never meet your heroes. But I'm so happy and pinch myself that I've got Noel Gallagher's phone number."

Though he's quick to point out: "This gig didn't come through Noel. it's not because I'm mates with him that we got the gig. We' re actually really good as well.`'

Three really was the magic number for The Lottery Winners when the band's third album Anxiety Replacement Therapy, with its mental health themes, became their first UK number one.

It received worldwide critical acclaim and is described by self confessed ADHD sufferer Thom as a biographical self-help tape.

But anxiety therapy could be on the cards. He's says he's feeling the pressure to replicate its chart topping success.

They already have 25 new songs, to be whittled down to 10, and a working title, but he's keeping that close to his chest. He did though reveal album four is planned for release in January 2025.

He unashamedly admits listening mainly to his own music, especially when he wants a pick-me-up, but says his many favourites incldue The Beach Boys, The  Streets, Eminem, Tame Impala and, of course, Oasis.

"The reason I write songs are the Smiths. I thought Morrissey's poetry and the way he could put emotion down into a melody was just bewildering to me. I remember discovering that as an early teen, and it just changed everything I felt about myself as a person," he said.

He puts the band's meteoric rise down to being authentic and working hard. He says the big win isn't topping the charts but how their music has helped others.

"It was nice getting a number one, the trophy and everything. But best of all are messages from people who reach out and say our music has really helped them through a tough time, or it really speaks to them," he said.

"In particular, our song, Letter To Myself, is like a note that I wrote to my 12 year old self, to let him know that everything was going to be alright. It's been played in loads of schools now to Year Sixes or Year Sevens.

"Kids have annotated it, and stuff like that. I get teachers saying they are teaching the song to kids. I've seen some performing it. That is just so touching. If it helps any of those who felt the way I did when I was 12, then yeah, that's better than any number one trophy."

The album topped the charts last April and what followed was a sold out UK tour and festival dates including Glastonbury, where they played six sets, the most by an original that year.

They have supported the likes of Tom Jones, Paul Weller, Shed Seven, Richard Ashcroft, and had collaborations with Frank Turner, Shaun Ryder, Boy George, KT Tunstall and Nickelback, who they will also support on a UK arena tour in May.

A believer of the harder you work, the luckier you get, The Lottery Winners have hundreds of gigs under their belt but have worked tirelessly for the ticket, he says.

Amazingly though, he admits he's never played the Lottery

Thom added: "Maybe I will. I feel like the first time I ever put it on I'll win it, just so the headline will write itself."


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