Mikey Moon's health and fitness column: How to get the relationship right

This week’s message from Mikey Moon of Fortitude Fitness is ... in 10 years it won’t matter.

By Mikey Moon
Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 5:45 pm

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A lot of people I talk to in the gym are obsessed with their weight, so much so it ruins their relationship with food and the gym as well.

Putting three pounds on over the weekend is seen as the end of the world, leading to an obsession in the next week to try and get those three pounds off – only to do the same thing the next weekend.

Don't spoil your relationship with food and the gym says Mikey Moon

Some people, it would seem, are quite happy to sacrifice their food and workout relationships in order to chase the number on the scales.

This, in turn, can lead to a little bit of a cycle that people struggle to get out of: eating a little bit of what they want, seeing the scales go up, punishing themselves because of that, seeing the scales go down, feeling good for a bit – before they go up again.

The truth is, in 10 years’ time, it won’t matter one bit what your weight was in the week commencing June 14, 2021.

It won’t matter you put on three pounds because you attended a barbecue or had an extra few drinks on a night out.

None of that will matter and, to be honest, I doubt you will remember.

What will matter though is your relationship with food and working out.

If you have gone out this weekend and overindulged slightly, so what?

That is normal, move into this week and just do what you have been doing.

That weight gained will not be body fat, it will most likely be water weight which will come off in two or three days of a normal routine anyway.

Instead of focusing on the scales and letting them control your happiness, concentrate on learning how to balance your life by having a good relationship with your food and your exercise.

Allow yourself to have weekends where you gain a little weight and know it isn’t a reflection of you as a human.

Create a good relationship and you will find your weight and body composition will take care of itself.

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