Mikey Moon's health and fitness column: How to beat the midweek blues

This week’s health and fitness advice from Mikey Moon of Fortitude Fitness is to beat the midweek malaise

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 4:45 pm

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Mikey Moon's health and fitness column: Don't lose patience with your process

Motivation levels are high on Monday and Tuesday and everything feels easy.

You have smashed it so far – you’ve stuck to your calories, crushed those workouts and even been for a walk both days.

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Mikey Moon says it is difficult to maintain motivation by Wednesday

You go to bed on Tuesday in such a good mood, but when you wake up on Wednesday you can’t remember where you put your motivation.

Your body feels tired and aches, so you hit ‘snooze’ and have 10 extra minutes. You skip the gym because you’re not feeling like it. And then you eat over your calories because you haven’t trained, so what’s the point in eating well?

Suddenly it’s Friday, you’ve missed two days and eaten over on both days.

You’ve ruined whatever progress you made on Monday and Tuesday, so you tell yourself, “I’ll start again Monday”. Then you spend all weekend going backwards. I imagine you can all relate to this story while you’ve been training.

They call Wednesday ‘hump day’ because it is the middle of the working week and it feels harder to motivate yourself. Psychologically you are at the summit of your week and after Wednesday it’s downhill to Friday.

But motivation isn’t something you just wait for – you must take action to gain it.

So when you wake up and think, “I’ll give today a miss”, I would urge you to reconsider.

You don’t have to train but be active in some way. Go for a walk or bike ride and make sure your food is good.

This will keep you right on track for the rest of the week.

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