Mikey Moon's health and fitness column: Get better at the basics

This week’s health and fitness advice from Mikey Moon of Fortitude Fitness is to master the basics...

Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, 4:45 pm

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Mikey Moon's health and fitness column: Pictures may not be what they seem

Everyone wants a shortcut, of course they do.

If you were offered the same results faster, you would take it – but how often does that happen really?

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Normally the best results come from getting the basics right and mastering them.

Clients come to me wanting a quick fix without getting the basics right but how are you supposed to diet properly when you don’t know about food and how are you supposed to train six days a week when you’ve never trained before?

The key to an amazing transformation is to start at the beginning, similar to building a house.

The foundations have to be right. You can spend all the time in the world focused on fixtures and fittings but you will fail if you don’t have the right foundations.

Imagine you took 12 weeks to get the basics right, controlling your food within your calories, training three or four times per week – every week – and being consistent in every aspect; then imagine the results you would get.

Not only that but you would then be in a much better position to do shortcuts, to fine-tune and to do accelerators – but any programme that produces marginal improvements means nothing without the basics.

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