Health and fitness with Mikey Moon: Taking care of your body can boost mental health

In this week's health and fitness column, Mikey Moon of Fortitude Fitness in Poulton considers mental health and exercise.

By Mikey Moon
Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 12:30 pm

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A guy in Blackpool sold me a wristband recently and we talked about how mental health and suicide is such a big thing in society now.

I am fully aware of the struggles mental health issues bring, Six years ago, I lost one of my closest friends to suicide.

Mikey Moon of Fortitude Fitness offers health and fitness tips every week

It is a huge issue in the UK at the moment, and while I don’t believe for a second that exercise and nutrition alone can cure this issue I do believe it can go a long way to help people.

I’m not just talking about working out, but about going outside, getting fresh air, taking care of your nutrition, eating well and healthily.

These things have a huge impact on our mental health. When we take care of ourselves, we automatically feel better and it snowballs from there.

I’ve lost count of the number of people who tell me their mental health improves when they exercise and take care of their food.

So why aren’t we doing more as a nation to promote exercise for people struggling with mental health?

I’m not a medical professional but I do believe exercise has the power to make people feel better.

Take care of yourselves by exercising and take care of your nutrition. And if you are really struggling, please do talk to someone.

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