Blackpool owner reveals the thing that would make him consider selling the Seasiders as he emphasises commitment

Blackpool owner Simon Sadler says he will always do whatever is right for the club as he shares his continued determination to give back to his hometown.
Simon Sadler in attendance at Bloomfield RoadSimon Sadler in attendance at Bloomfield Road
Simon Sadler in attendance at Bloomfield Road

In an interview with BBC Radio Lancashire, the 54-year-old discussed his stewardship of the Seasiders so far, having purchased a 96.2% share back in 2019 to end the Oyston era.

Sadler states he remains committed to the project at Bloomfield Road, and would only be tempted to sell in the future if someone came along who could do a better job.

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“I came into the club somewhat blind, I didn’t really have any expectations,” he said.

“It’s been a great journey, I’ve learnt an awful lot, and for the most part I've found it quite enjoyable. There’s some similarities to the world of hedge funds, you work with a lot of talented people, who have specific ideas. The main difference is, you’re in one to make money, and this one doesn’t seem to do that, in fact the opposite.

“I did it because I’m from the town and I love Blackpool. I didn’t want to see this football club in the wrong hands or to disappear. I refer to myself as being the custodian, and that’s what I strongly believe.

“If anyone came along that could convince me they could do a better job then I would have to speak to them, I will do what’s right for the club. I’m committed and hopefully my actions have proven that.

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“I wanted to put back into my town, it’s important for it to have a thriving football club. There’s great work around the club, our community trust is one of the best in the country. A football club that is thriving lifts the town. I can’t imagine this town without the club.”

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In his interview with BBC Radio Lancashire, Sadler admitted he was aware of some of the criticism he receives online.

“You’ve got to remember a lot of it is just noise, and the vast majority of people are well and truly behind me,” he added.

“Most of the noise comes on social media. You get a few people who manage to get a bit of an audience, but if you go back 20 years they’d be chuntering in a pub and you wouldn’t even hear them.

“It does annoy me (when people say I don’t do enough). There’s a lot of owners like me who put their money in to do their best for the club. Not every club can be owned by oil rich nations.”

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