Blackpool fans' unity delights club adviser Fielding

Blackpool adviser Tim Fielding has spoken of his satisfaction at how the club’s fanbase has come together .

Friday, 21st June 2019, 1:44 pm
A harmonious fan-base is key to Blackpool's success for Tim Fielding

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Supporters had expressed concerns this could continue once Owen Oyston was ousted.

But as the fans prepare for next season following the publication of the fixture list, Fielding says he’s delighted that the supporter base has reunited.

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He told BBC Radio Lancashire: “A lot of the concern about our return was over how those different parts of the fanbase would unite again.

“I’ve been very, very happy to see those concerns never really materialised. At the end of the day, we’re all Blackpool fans.

“After that judgment in 2017, we knew it was coming. We didn’t know when but we knew it would come at some point.

“So it became more and more important we stayed in League One to give the new owner the best chance to move forward, and that’s when it started to mean a lot more again.

“Now it’s just fantastic to be back and be immersed in what we should be immersed in, which is supporting our football team and not protesting.

“While I very much come from a Blackpool Supporters’ Trust background, I’m appointed by the receiver and I see myself as a representative of all the different fan groups.

“I’ve said before I’d like to see them all working closely together in future because the reality is the owner isn’t going to want to deal with a plethora of groups. They’re going to want to deal with one representative.

“We might come at things from slightly different angles but hopefully there will be a consensus among the fanbase over who will represent us and how that will benefit us as a football club.”

While Fielding is confident exciting times are ahead for the club, he says there’s still work to be done.

That, he admits, is a job for himself and for the club’s new permanent board.

He added: “What we’ve got to focus on now is putting the infrastructure in place to make sure we’ve got the best chance of achieving what we want.

“That means sorting the pitch, sorting the training ground and providing the manager with a budget which means the team can compete at the top of the league.

“Blackpool fans want to see us competing, they want to see us progressing and they want to see us play exciting football.

“We’ve fought long and hard for this and it would be great to round it off with a promotion next season.”