Blackpool and District Youth League Under-7s match of the week: FC Rangers v Fleetwood Gym Wolves

Two teams coming to the end of a thoroughly enjoyable first season in the Blackpool and District Youth Football League played out an exciting match at Boundary Park.

By Andy Moore
Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 5:58 pm

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The Under-7s sides of FC Rangers and Fleetwood Gym Wolves showed just how much they have progressed over the past eight months.

It’s also been a learning curve for their respective managers, who are new to the role.

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Under-7s action from Boundary Park between FC Rangers and Fleetwood Gym Wolves

Rangers boss Scott Brade has relished his first season in charge and told The Gazette: “I'm a new manager and I stepped up to make sure it was right for the kids.

"It's something I didn't have a chance to do when I was their age. I'd never coached before but I'm a people person.

"It was a really good game, with some storming goals scored. Gym have some fantastic players but we've progressed so much in training and in the matches.

“Some of our kids had never kicked a ball before and were scared of it at first, but our top priority is to make it fun and there has been loads of improvement.

FC Rangers Under-7s

"Brian and Leo are just two who have progressed superbly over the course of the season.”

Wolves manager Mike Towne said: “We were a bit short of players and tired a little in the second half, but the important thing is that everyone came off happy and it was a good game.

“We have a brilliant group, who are all keen and get along. The team was put together last summer and we could go right through the age groups together.

“We've lost one of our players, Max, with a broken leg. We wish him well and look forward to seeing him back in training soon.”

Fleetwood Gym Wolves Under-7s

Like Scott, Mike is new to coaching and doesn't regret getting involved. “I took over mid-season, though I had helped out before, and I'm doing a coaching course now and love it,” he added.

Both teams are looking forward to their final game of the season this weekend. FC Rangers will look into round-robin tournaments and friendlies over the summer. Gym are looking forward to some rest time before pre-season training begins.

The FC Rangers players of the match (coaches and parents both choose one) were captain Byron Brade and Leo Prime. Goalkeeper Frank Connolly was the Fleetwood choice.