Here's what will happen if there's a tie in the US election

The 2020 US Election is on a knife-edge, and will be decided by the outcomes in swing states.

Both men have confidently predicted that once voting finishes they will surpass the 270 electoral votes required to enter the White House.

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Though the overwhelming likelihood is that one of Joe Biden or Donald Trump will claim a decisive victory, there is a very slim chance that the contest ends in a stalemate and both candidates finish on 269 electoral college votes each.

Here’s what would happen if both candidates failed to reach 270 electoral college votes.

How could a tie arise?

Both candidates could end up on 269 electoral college votes if Mr Trump claimed Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina and a district vote in Maine.

Biden on the other hand would need to claim victories in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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What would happen if there was a tie?

In the event of a tie the newly-elected House of Representatives would choose the president.

The House of representatives would vote as state units, meaning all house members from one state gather to vote, with each delegation getting one vote.

To win the presidency, a candidate would be required to earn 26 votes.

The Senate meanwhile would have the power to choose the Vice President.

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Who would a tie favour?

Democrats look set to retain control of the House of Representatives.

The dividing up of representatives by state, however, would likely favour Donald Trump.

The Republicans, meanwhile, are currently leading the Senate race 47-45, with six seats still up for election.

How likely is a tie?

Prior to election day, poll forecaster FiveThirtyEight had the likelihood of a tie listed as 1%.

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If The Press Association have accurately called Arizona for Biden, however, the chances of a tie will dissipate.

Trump falsely declares victory

Earlier in the day Donald Trump vowed to drag the US election into the courts as he falsely claimed he had beaten Joe Biden to win the presidency while the knife-edge vote is still too close to call.

The Republican incumbent claimed there is a “fraud on the American nation” and said he would go to the Supreme Court to get vote counting stopped, as the nail-biting contest continued.

The Democratic challenger, who has long anticipated an attempt by Mr Trump to cast doubt on the result, earlier said that his campaign was still “on track” for victory as he insisted every vote must be counted.

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