'Shattered glass' blamed for closing Moor Park pool for two days

Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre
Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre
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The closure of the main swimming pool at Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre in Bispham has been blamed on shattered glass.

A worker at the centre, in Bristol Avenue, told The Gazette at the weekend it was shut for a private booking, after one customer said she was told by staff it was closed for safety reasons.

That message was relayed out of 'confusion' and was a 'misunderstanding', a Blackpool Council spokeswoman said this morning.

The real reason the pool was shut was because a child jumped in the pool wearing a snorkel, which shattered at around lunchtime on Saturday, she said.

Snorkels are usually made out of plastic, but the mask that often accompanies them can be made from glass.

Staff had to spend a 'number of days cleaning' the pool with a specialist vacuum cleaner before it could re-open at around teatime on Monday, she added.

The smaller children's pool remained open, it is understood.