Police investigate supermarket bomb threat

Police are investigating a hoax bomb threat made to a Nelson supermarket this afternoon.

A member of staff at Morrisons took a call from a man at 2-30pm who said that a bomb had been placed in the store and that it should be evacuated.

Police said that staff duly activated the evacuation procedure soon afterwards and police attended the scene.

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The store was searched by officers, however, the threat was quickly treated as a hoax and store management and customers were allowed back into the shop again an hour later.

Sgt Shaun Pearson, from Nelson police, said: “The call was a hoax and I can confirm that police are now investigating the matter and are working to identify the caller.

“There happened to be a team of specialist search officers in Nelson at the time we received a call and they carried out a search of Morrisons which found nothing.

“At 3-30pm, the management of the store, after consulting with headquarters, began letting customers back in again.”