These are the stones that make up Blackpool's ‘Resilience Pathway on Talbot Road

Earlier this week the pavement on Talbot Road was decorated with a series of hand-made paving stones, each representing an idea or suggestion to help people find a sense of belonging, and to cope with problems they may face.

Thursday, 13th June 2019, 3:58 pm
These are the stones that make up Blackpool's Resilience Pathway on Talbot Road

Here we take a closer look at each individual paving stone that makes up the country’s first ‘Resilience Pathway’. You can find out more here:

Predict a good experience
Focus on the good things in life. Put on your Positivity Glasses

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Not being judged
Keep relationships going
Lean on others when necessary
Understand right from wrong
Develop life skills
Money to live
Spend time with good people and in good places
Find your place in the world
Good housing
Find time for your interests
Focus on good times and places(1)
Find time for your talents
Get together with people you can rely on
Calming down and making yourself feel better
Know and understand yourself
Highlight achievements
Being safe
Organise yourself
Be brave
More healthy relationships the better
Remember tomorrow is another day
Engage mentors
Take responsibility for yourself
Find somewhere you feel like you belong
Enough sleep
Transport and getting to places
Make school or college work as well as possible
Understand what has happened in your life
Make friends and mix with other people
There is existing help and solutions for problems, use them
Solving problems
Take what you can from relationships where there is some hope
Instil a sense of hope
Healthy diet
Understand other people's feelings
Exercice and fresh air
Responsibilities and obligations. For example_ looking after your brother_sister or going to school