Praise floods in for 'kind' and 'brilliant' teens who helped elderly man in Blackpool

The three girls stopped to help a man in his late 80s who was struggling due to the heat
The three girls stopped to help a man in his late 80s who was struggling due to the heat
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Three teenage girls from Blackpool have been showered with praise after their act of kindness was widely shared online.

The trio were on Highfield Road, in South Shore, when they spotted an elderly man struggling with the effects of the heat.

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Resort police thanked the girls for stopping to help him across the road and calling an ambulance for the man, in his late 80s, who was having difficultly walking.

Officers - who revealed the man, called Charles, is recovering well at home - now plan to invite the three Good Samaritans into the station to pass on their gratitude in person.

Insp Pete Hannon, of Blackpool Police, said the girls' actions help "restore your faith in community spirit" and were a far better reflection of young people than the negative stories that are more often shared.

He added: "The young girls parents must be very proud.

"We see many stories on social media where youths are involved in negative stories, where the reality is the poor behaviour is caused by a small minority.

"It was a pleasure for my team to report such a positive story and recognise the efforts of these three young girls in going out of their way to help a distressed elderly gentleman."

A Facebook post praising the girls - who have not been named - was shared more than 300 times and attracted more than 200 positive comments.

Joanna Aston Harding wrote: "Well done girls for doing a great job for the elderly. (I'm) glad that Charles is safe and well at home. I would say your parents are very proud of you all."

Michelle Amelia Hampson said: "Well done girls. It’s so nice to see such a positive post, especially when it’s about teens."

Joanne Barker added: "Well done girls!! What a brilliant thing to see a positive post about our youth as opposed to negative all the time. I’m sure you make your parents proud daily."

Leanne Porter said: "Great, caring attitude girls. Thanks to the police for highlighting this act of kindness."

And Shirley Evans wrote: "Well done girls. He and his family will be glad to know that three young girls have taken such good care of him."