Historic hotel joins Fleetwood's relief at easing of lockdown

Fleetwood’s businesses have reopened after months of grim winter lockdown

Monday, 12th April 2021, 4:48 pm
Coffee is served in the marquee at the front of Fleetwood's North Euston Hotel

And there was no mistaking the relief from business folk and customers alike when the most of the lockdown restrictions were finally eased on Monday.

Nonessential shops are now able to trade for the first time since November

And although things are still not quite back to normal for the hospitality industry, hotels can now resume services for people staying for business purposes and pubs which have outdoor seating are able to serve customers again.

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There was sheer joy and relief at Fleetwood’s North Euston Hotel that this Grade II listed amenity could finally reopen after being closed for five months.

The hotel on The Esplanade, designed by famous architect Decimus Burton and first opened in 1841, can now accept guests who are on business or attending funerals, if not leisure customers who can stay there from next month.

In addition, the hotel has put up a tasteful white marquee at the front of the building, which allows it to serve meals and drinks to customers until its bars reopen next month.

Hotel manager Stephen Dale said: “It’s brilliant to finally be able to reopen.

“Having to keep a lovely hotel like this closed for so long has been tough.

“We may not be able to open the bars and the restaurant until next month, but the marquee means customers can sit down, relax, have a drink or a meal and enjoy the sea view each day between noon and 8pm - providing the weather is nice!

“We’ve also been able to reopen the gym.”

Enjoying a cup of coffee in the marquee were Thornton couple Alan and Christine Houghton, who visit the town on a regular basis.

Alan, 69, joked: “It’s lovely to be able to come here and do this for the first time in ages - it’s like getting out of prison, on day release!”

The easing of lockdown meant a trip to their favourite charity shop for Fleetwood couple Daniel Snee and Shelley Cross, of Lingfield Road, Fleetwood

Daniel, 37, and Shelley, 42, who have three children, headed to the Trinity Hospice shop on Lord Street.

Daniel said:”We’ve been waiting for this moment for ages, having the shops closed has been rubbish.

“We’re just looking for bargains and its so cheap here.

“We've been sat waiting for it to open this morning.”

Shelley said: ‘A Lot of the time we give the stuff to people who are really struggling, you can get brand names for really good prices.”

And at the Strawberry Gardens pub on Poulton Road, manager Chris Boehme said: “It just feel really good to finally reopen and do what we do best.”

Customer Rusell Guy, enjoying a cool lager, said: “We did need the lockdown, it had to be done - but I’m glad it’s over!”