Blackpool TV adventurer Jordan Wylie on a mission to help Ukrainian orphans

A Blackpool TV star and adventurer has been on a fact-finding mission to help Ukrainian orphans.

By Tim Gavell
Wednesday, 27th April 2022, 12:30 pm

Jordan Wylie, best known for Hunted and Celebrity Hunted, has visited orphanages near Lviv full of youngsters fleeing from Russian guns.

The former Kings Royal Hussars member and ambassador for Frontline Children, was volunteering for the charity supporting children at orphanages displaced from the intense conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Jordan, who grew up on Grange Park before joining the army at 16, travelled to the war-torn country with fellow adventurer James Bingham with whom he has teamed up on past charity efforts.

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Blackpool adventurer and TV star Jordan Wylie has been to Ukraine to visit orphans forced to move due to the Russian invasion

They are now raising money for 200 beds for the orphanages after learning that although UK aid has been generous, a more focussed approach was needed.

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Jordan said: “Thousands of traumatised orphans have had to leave the east and head west to Lviv to find safety, although Lviv saw four missile strikes 24 hours before we arrived there.

“We visited two orphanages and one of the biggest problems they face is space, they are being overloaded butd don’t have enough beds, mattresses, bedding, food, medical equipment.

Blackpool adventurer and TV star Jordan Wylie has visited two orphanages in Ukraine and is raising money for 200 beds

“We also visited the train station in Lviv. It was like something out of a movie with soldiers heading one way and families heading the other, lots of tears and emotions as you can imagine.

"We went out on a fact finding mission to see what they needed before we started the fundraising campaign as they told us they were overloaded with lots of donations from the UK but often with many things they didn’t need.

"They also told us many donations didn’t get across the border check points so we decided to do the route and ask the orphanage direct in order not to waste time and public money.”

Jordan met James in Afghanistan in 2018 when he was running in the Afghanistan marathon to raise funds to help children in the country access education. He said they were both passionate about helping children access education, sport and new opportunities that are difficult to find in conflict affected areas.He added: “I decided to get involved as it was heart breaking sitting at home watching the destruction happen from an arm chair in the safety of my home.

Jordan Wylie and James Bingham in Ukraine

“I have travelled to some of the most war torn countries on the planet and have seen and experienced that even the smallest of gestures by one or two people can make a big difference because it can inspire hope, and where there is hope there is life.”

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