Letters - March 26, 2019

Why has religion divided all of us?

Religion is the source of so much death, destruction and misery in the world, and especially the rivalry between the three main western religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It would be funny if it were not so tragic.

Each religion is clearly worshipping exactly the same concept of a creator spirit, however each has its own prophet, who has differing ideas about how the creator spirit should be worshipped.

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Now one would have thought that the mode of worship itself was no big deal – but it has somehow become of over-riding importance; so important indeed as certainly to justify killing supporters of either of the other prophets.

Does anyone ever wonder what the creator spirit thinks about all this? Is the spirit delighted that supporters of any prophet justify themselves in killing supporters of the others?

Isn’t this situation too ridiculous to be tolerated in a supposedly civilised society? Why don’t we stop it?

Arthur Quarmby

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Stand up to EU bullies on trade

Please be positive and leave the EU on March 29 as promised.

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The UK and Commonwealth people rescued Europe in the First World War and the Second World War – with late help from the United States of America – from the evil and wicked dictatorship that wrecked the cities.

As a frank, working, practical farmer, I offer this suggestion: if the EU makes it difficult at all to trade our meat, lamb and other things, we should give it to our hungry and poor Commonwealth people, and our Government pay the farmers.

It would ease our aid payments to them and make the EU sit up and see sense, and not be bullies yet again.

Canon Keith Punshon

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I can understand Bercow’s thinking

I am an ardent Brexiteer, yet I can fully understand why Speaker Bercow did what he did . For you can’t keep raising the same matter week after week – most councils for instance have a six-month time gap before discussing an issue again.

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If it means we leave with a no-deal Brexit, then so be it. Better than a £39bn so-called divorce bill.

Tim Mickleburgh

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If exit is stopped we’ll be even worse off

From what I read in the media, the Leave campaigners are being blamed for the chaos and delay of Brexit. Surely people like myself who chose Leave are the last people to blame?

We were led to believe that if the majority of votes were for leaving the EU we would go straightaway, so we knew what we were voting for and what should happen.

Plans should have been in place as anyone with a 
modicum of common sense would realise that negotiations would be a non-starter with the EU desperate not to lose its meal ticket.

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After a small amount of initial disruption, we should have been sorted by now. No, all the blame for this protracted chaos lies squarely with Remainers, from the idiots waving EU flags outside Parliament, through all the MPs who failed to honour manifesto promises, to traitorous has-been politicians conniving with Brussels, the pompous Remainer in the Speaker’s chair and the Remainer-in-chief Mrs May.

If Brexit is stopped or we end up with a deal which leaves us in a worse position than before, it is their fault.

Paul Morley

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on the move

On a recent holiday in Scotland I bought two jars of marmalade. One was made in Hull, the other was made in Harrogate.

After finishing the contents at home my husband bought two more jars at the local supermaket (Morrisons) and guess where their contents were made – Dundee, Scotland. Seems we have been eating a lot of marmalade recently. Do we need all those lorries on the road carrying marmalade backwards and forwards? Isn’t it a silly world?

Janet Carby-Hall

via email

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