Letters - December 3, 2019

Police tapePolice tape
Police tape
Will Lancashire get a fair share of cash?

The Conservatives are promising 20,000 extra police officers.

We have heard Boris Johnson say this, and now Conservative candidate s in the region saying that she will make sure our community gets our fair share of police on the beat.

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Since the Conservatives came to power in 2010 in the coalition with the Liberal Democrats, we have lost 20,000 police across the country, and in Lancashire we have 700 fewer due to the government cutting funding.

The new police officers that are being promised will only bring the numbers back where they were overall before 2010, but this is still not fair to Lancashire.

The plans show that here in Lancashire we will only get 153 extra police, so we will still be 547 police officers short of what we had. How can this be fair?

How will she make sure that we get our fair share, when it’s already been decided that we won’t?

Simon Butler

address supplied


We can’t ignore climate change

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I belong to no political party, but am an interested observer of the political situation.

Boris Johnson is using Brexit as a fig leaf to conceal the fact he is ignoring the global climate crisis. Bearing in mind the Tory Party dependency on Russian funding this is not surprising. Vladimir Putin’s Russia’s primary exports are oil and gas, fossil fuels. It is very interesting that Donald Trump, is also a climate change denier.

The link between prominent Brexiteers like Nigel Lawson who also vehemently deny there is climate crisis is very informative.

A big part of the pro-Brexit drive is get rid of regulation, much of it is directed at environmental legislation. They not only don’t support action on climate change, they want to undo the little that has been done.

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Use your vote to protect your children and grandchildren’s future!

Andrew Milroy

address supplied


Save your stamps this Christmas

More postage stamps are used in December than all the other months in the year added together, so this is the time to get our plea out to Gazette readers.

The Bone Cancer Research Trust is DESPERATE for used and new postage stamps from the UK and overseas. We also need horizon labels, stamp collections and anything philatelic. This is a newish challenge for us as a fundraiser, so please pass on our details to anyone and everyone.

Primary bone cancer can occur at any age, but affects mostly children, teenagers, young adults and the elderly. Every 10 minutes somewhere in the world someone is diagnosed with primary bone cancer. Please help us to raise awareness as well as funds just by sending in something that you would normally put into the bin.

Until there’s a cure...


Volunteer Stamp Appeal

Coordinator, Bone Cancer

Research Trust


Vote for adequate education cash

The funding crisis in our schools is a scandal.

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I am a secondary school teacher and this is really affecting me. One of my big concerns is the level of cuts to school funding and the terrible impact that this will have on our young people and their future education.

I am shocked that 529 of 564 schools in Lancashire will be worse off next year than they were in 2015.

This isn’t good enough. Britain is one of the richest countries on earth. We should be able to fund our children’s schools properly.

The only way we can win adequate funding for our schools is to make an informed vote for education on December 12, based on the facts.

James H

via email


Tories’ mission has not been finished

It’s incredible how the Tories have been in power maybe 30 out of the last 50 years and they STILL haven’t managed to destroy the NHS.

Must try harder.

Richard Coppell

via email