Cold-blooded murderer Kenneth Hartley back behind bars after attacking girlfriend in Blackpool hotel room

A cold blooded murderer is back behind bars after a judge’s request to see a neighbour’s video footage revealed him assaulting a woman.

By Simon Drury
Friday, 29th July 2022, 1:49 pm

Forty-nine-year-old Kenneth Hartley was on licence from a life sentence imposed on him for a shotgun murder in Blackburn, in 1999.

He carried out the ruthless killing on his victim’s doorstep in a drugs war row.

Hartley shot the man through the head and stomach and was convicted at Crown Court thanks largely to eye witness evidence from three women.

Killer Kenneth Hartley

Hartley, of Taylor Street, Blackpool, appeared before District Judge Jane Goodwin at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Initially he pleaded not guilty to assaulting his girlfriend in a Blackpool hotel room.

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The judge queried a decision not to charge him with a more serious offence.

She asked if the prosecution could play some previously unseen phone camera footage provided by a witness from a neighbouring room who had been alerted by shouting and banging.

Ten minutes of video was played in Court culminating in the clear question by a little girl to her dad who was filming: “Why has ggst man got his hands round her neck?”

The judge then asked defence lawyer David Charnley if he wished to speak to Hartley about his plea.

Recalled to the dock Hartley pleaded guilty and was jailed for four months .

The judge said he was being recalled to prison in any cas .

She told Hartley: “This went far beyond horseplay you had grabbed her arm and head and pushed her face into a pillow.

“This was very unpleasant.”