116mph in a 30mph zone: Blackpool features on list of Lancashire's worst speeding offences

The worst cases of speeding in 2018 have been revealed.
The worst cases of speeding in 2018 have been revealed.
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Here is a list of 2018's worst speeding offences in Lancashire.

An investigation by road safety charity, Brake, has revealed the top five worst speeding offences caught by police in Lancashire.

The report shows that, nationally, more than 9,000 people were caught speeding at over 100mph in 2019,

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The fastest speed offence was recorded in South Yorkshire, where a driver was clocked at 162mph at junction 31 on the M1.

In Lancashire, all five of the worst speeding offences involved cars travelling at more than 100pmh.

Here is the list:

1. Southport New Road (117mph in a 50mph zone).

2. Squires Gate Lane (116mph in a 30mph zone).

3. Rainford Road (113mph in a 60mph zone).

4. Skipton Road (105mph in a 60mph zone).

5. Skipton Road (105mph in a 60mph zone).

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Reacting to the national statistics, Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake, said: “There is absolutely no justification for any driver to be travelling at such excessive speeds – more than twice the national speed limit in some cases – putting themselves and others in grave danger.

"Anyone caught travelling at such speed should always face a ban – we have to make sure these dangerous, selfish drivers are taken off our roads."