Blackpool 'murder': Neighbours speak of horror on leafy West Park Drive

Police at the scene yesterday (Picture: Dave Nelson)
Police at the scene yesterday (Picture: Dave Nelson)
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Neighbours living near the leafy West Park Drive have spoken of their horror at what happened there, as a police murder investigation continues today.

PLEASE NOTE: An update on the murder investigation, including the identity of the alleged murder victim, can be found by clicking here.

They told of the moment police officers and paramedics descended on a large £150,000 semi-detached home, on the corner of Gorse Road opposite Stanley Park, to find a woman dead there last night.

A 25-year-old man, from Blackpool, was arrested on suspicion of murder and was still in custody this morning, it was understood.

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Elizabeth Davies, 75, of Gorse Road, said: "It's unbelievable what has gone on and I just can't understand how someone has been murdered on West Park Drive."

She said there had been speculation around the identity of the alleged victim, though police had this morning yet to formally name her or say how old she was.

Rebecca Moore, 43, of Westwood Drive, added: "It's a quiet community despite the busy road. It's just so sad to hear what has happened."

And Darren Butler, 36, also of Gorse Road, said: "When I came home from work there was police everywhere and it looked like a manhunt was happening. Then the helicopter came out.

"I didn't realise someone had been killed until I saw it online, but you knew something serious had happened.

"I don't know who has been killed and don't know who lives there either, but they are nice houses round here so you just can't imagine it taking place here."

Lancashire Police this morning said the helicopter, which was seen hovering above the area with its searchlight on, had flown across from Yorkshire on an unrelated matter, though it did not say what it was.

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The force is expected to give more information later.