I used to deliver to Derby Baths, the pool was completely knackered and leaked for fun that's why they shut it

These images of Derby Baths were taken in the 1980s as Derby Baths closed under a cloud of contention

The public tried to save the pool with protests but to no avail. Instead doors were barred and bolted to visitors leaving the facility abandoned and awaiting its fate. In the background there were plans to turn the old Olympic pool into an ultra-modern seaside complex but as we know, that didn’t happen and the building was eventually pulled down. The photos capture how eerily quiet it must have been after the doors shut as well as some from happier times. Tessa Snelson said: “It was such a lovely building but sadly needed a lot of work. Leaking pools etc. It was still hard to watch it go to ruins afterwards with some many breaking in after it closed.” 21 rarely seen photos of Blackpool's much-loved Derby Baths from the 1980s