16 buildings in Blackpool which embraced the Art Deco style including some lost and forgotten

While those with their heads in the clouds dreamt of skyscraper hotels along Blackpool’s sea front, the town’s leading architects kept their feet firmly on the ground as they entered the 1930s and continued to design in the neo-classical Art Deco style.

Their favourite material was glazed terracotta and if towns can be characterised by the stone used in their buildings, by the end of the decade Blackpool was the country’s faience city.

These architects were soon to embrace the novel style we now call Art Deco. They were Leonard Thompson, John Christopher Derham, Charles Mackeith, John Charles Robinson and Halstead Best. Have a look at these photos which show classic building examples of this particular 1930's style in Blackpool. This is by no means exhaustive and there are other great examples, some which you can still admire whilst others are lost to history…

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