We tried out the revamped float therapy centre in Ansdell: "I expected to feel claustrophobic but I left feeling relaxed and energised"

The Fylde’s only float room has relaunched and our reporter, Lucinda Herbert, went to try it out.

By Lucinda Herbert
Tuesday, 7th June 2022, 3:45 pm

I thought float tanks were just a Hollywood health fad, so I was surprised to find one on the Fylde coast.

There are around 50 float therapy rooms in the UK – one is Liquid Reset in Ansdell.

When my partner read that it may help with arthritis, I accompanied him to the Woodland Road centre for moral support, and tried it for myself.

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Liquid Reset in Ansdell is offering floatation therapy. Pictured is reporter Lucinda Herbert.

I’d expected to feel bored and claustrophobic after ten minutes, but it was nothing like I imagined.

I left feeling relaxed and energised.

I wriggled, stretched out my arms, and luxuriated in the giant bath tub.

I leaned back and let the shallow pool of warm water take my weight. The tank contains 500kg of epsom salts to allow the human body to float effortlessly.

Liquid Reset in Ansdell is offering floatation therapy. Pictured is reporter Lucinda Herbert.

The purple twinkling led lights and soft music helped me to unwind, and soon I felt like I was in a miniature swimming pool under a starry night sky.

There is the option to switch the lights off for full sensory deprivation if you feel inclined.

And I’m told that some regular ‘floaters’ leave feeling so rested that they bring their pyjamas so they can go straight home to bed after a late session.

Ross Kinsey, owner of Liquid Reset, said: “The three main reasons people come to us is for stress reduction, pain relief and sleep problems. We treat a lot of people with chronic pain conditions who find it really helps them.”

He said the magnesium salt in the water, saltier that the Dead Sea, also has health giving properties as most people in the UK are deficient in that mineral and lying in the water helps people with posture problems, muscle pain and improves circulation.

“We have gone for state of the art float rooms rather than the pods you sometimes see, because some people can feel claustrophobic in pods.”

The centre opened as Rosscos Float Rooms in 2019.

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But Mr Kinsey set about a new name and branding after the business took a knock during Covid.

“Out of 2000 people, just 98% on the Fylde Coast had tried floating, and so when we opened very few people were aware of the benefits of floatation therapy. A lot of our clients come to us for health reasons so between lockdowns many of them were shielding.”

The business built back up to about 60% of the pre-Covid customer base but then Ross started to think about ways to widen their appeal.

The centre now offers juice cleanses, health supplements and online fitness coaching.

They also invested in an infra-red sauna, which can help to boost circulation and reduce joint inflammation.

Ross has a background in sports science and used to run a personal training business. He added:

“I want people to see us as an all round wellness centre. It’s not just for people with health conditions, its for anyone who want to improve their health and fitness.”