Lytham bar Marvin's introduces anti-spiking measures after man fears he was jabbed with needle on night out

A bar in Lytham has been praised for its response to a spiking scare in the town.

By Matthew Calderbank
Tuesday, 10th May 2022, 3:06 pm

Marvin’s in Henry Street has wasted no time in taking action to protect its customers after a number of alleged spiking incidents reported in and around Lytham in recent weeks.

In an effort to safeguard customers, the bar has introduced a number of measures including testing kits and drink covers, as well as metal detectors and searches at the door.

The extra vigilance follows the frightening experience of a local bartender, Sam Durning, who fears he might have been ‘spiked by needle’ on a night out in the town.

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After blacking out on Friday, April 29, Sam woke the next day feeling disorientated and was alarmed to discover a bruised needle-like puncture in his arm.

"I don’t remember anything of that night, all I know is I woke up with a black eye, a messed-up hand and a swollen head”, Sam told his local Facebook group, Look Out Lytham.

"Turns out I was spiked by a needle,” he added, sharing a picture of the jab mark on his arm.

Sam said he felt ‘horrific’ for days afterwards and he was due to undergo medical tests to find out whether he had been spiked or not.

Sam Durning feared he might have been 'spiked by needle' after blacking out on a night out in Lytham and finding a jab mark on his arm the next morning

“I’m a pretty big lad, so if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone,” he warned.

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Out of concern for his customers, bar owner Alex Huckerby immediately got to work to ensure Marvin’s remains a safe space for those enjoying a night out in Lytham.

In a message posted on Marvin’s Facebook page, the 34-year-old said: “We are of course aware of the increased concern relating to spiking incidents in and around Lytham, particularly following a recent Facebook post.

Marvin’s in Henry Street, Lytham has introduced a range of measures to protect its customers after concerns about spiking incidents were reported in and around the town in recent weeks. Credit: Doug Sharpe

"We hope you all understand that we have treated this as a matter of imminent importance.

"We have worked closely with the police to not only look at the above mentioned incident, but also at the issue as a whole.

“Our senior management team, along with the full support of the police, have reviewed the CCTV at length and spoken to all involved and have determined that there is no evidence to suggest a spiking incident took place in Marvin’s Lytham.

"However, we do not wish to take this for granted and the safeguarding of our customers is our main priority.

"We wish for our customers to enter our venue and feel safe and protected as they always have done.

"Therefore, we will be putting additional preventative measures in place to further protect our customers.

"These will include testing kits, drink covers and the introduction of both metal detection and searches at the door.

"Please do not be offended if we ask to search you or your belongings before you enter, this is to keep everybody safe.”

The community has been full of praise for the efforts taken by Marvin’s to protect those enjoying a night out in the Henry Street bar.

“That’s brilliant,” said Lytham resident Emma Oldfield, adding, “all pubs and clubs should be doing this to help keep people safe.”

And Nikki Partridge, from Blackpool, said: “After reading this, if I was coming to Lytham, I would be coming to Marvin’s. Well done, let’s see the other venues follow suit.”