Punk sounds From The Jam will be a sweet thing

Russell Hastings and Bruce Foxton in From The Jam
Russell Hastings and Bruce Foxton in From The Jam
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A taste of London punk comes From The Jam at Lytham’s Lowther Pavilion next month.

Bringing their latest tour, The Public Gets What The Public Wants, From The Jam’s Russell Hastings promises ‘basically the big festival set, hit after hit.’

The band was created in 2007, when Russell was fronting The Gift and was joined on stage by The Jam’s Bruce Foxton, who was touring at the time with Casbah Club for a one-off performance.

A Lowther spokesman said: “From The Jam is an opportunity for you to experience the very heart of the Jam as Bruce Foxton brings his signature power and drive to the Lowther Pavilion stage.

“The words legend and icon are sometimes used too frequently these days but not when being used to describe Bruce Foxton.

“Since the punk explosion during the summer of 1976 when, as a part of The Jam, Bruce Foxton’s thumping bass lines exploded onto London’s live music scene.

“The next year the anthemic In The City album and single were released to the record buying public and the shockwaves sent out by the music of The Jam lives on today.”

* From The Jam, Lowther Pavilion, Thursday, April 5.