Steve Royle offers online masterclasses to keep Lancashire laughing through lockdown

Lancashire entertainer, Blackpool pantomime stalwart and juggling maestro Steve Royle is calling on fans to keep the laughter rolling at home, whilst serving up some entertainment of his own with audiences online juggling workshops.

By Nicola Jaques
Monday, 30th March 2020, 1:04 pm
Updated Monday, 30th March 2020, 1:08 pm
Steve Royle is keeping audiences entertained online
Steve Royle is keeping audiences entertained online

The actor, writer and comedian has had thousands of views of his live juggling skills class ,hosted from his home on Facebook to ‘give people something to do’ during lock down.

Steve is also penning a short comedy set and other master classes in the coming weeks to keep Lancashire laughing.

He said: “I just wanted to capture the imagination of people really and it’s been a real lift for me as I’ve seen the results, pictures and videos of those who took part and shared them.

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    “We are existing in very strange times, especially in the world of entertainment. Even during war time one of the essential things to keep people going was a trip to the cinema, theatre for a show or dance.

    “This is a position actors, entertainers have never been in before - we’re desperate now more than ever to get out there and do something for audiences and we can’t.

    “What that does to you mentally and physically, so the Facebook Live was just something I thought I could contribute to, in this chaos to create some laughter and have some fun and connect some way with those audiences I miss. I just hope they don’t get that good - I find myself out of a job permanently.”

    As well as the digital ‘shows’ Steve has been working with fellow pantomime star and former Emmerdale actor Tom Lister on a new project ‘Please Don’t Call the Curtains Cabaret’ which until the latest Government guidance on social distancing saw them performing through the windows of care homes for residents to enjoy some much needed entertainment.

    "We really enjoyed it to see the smiles and messages back on paper from those who have felt alone and isolated and we're determined to do a bit more of it the other side of this.

    "I think this time has really brought it home how much we need to look to those who are vulnerable and lonely, who aren't as tech savvy. There's a generation outside of the whole internet world but they still enjoy they connection and laughter of a show. We want to give something to those people."

    Steve Royle shared his first basic juggling skills class in a 30 minute session on his Facebook page at He said: “It’s not going to be a set day or time, I’m not sure I even remember the day now but it’s an opportunity for people to be creative and have fun together.

    “Depending on what people want, I’ll do some dance, comedy, a chat even one to one juggling sessions.

    “The great thing is you can take part with anything, oranges, balls of socks or for those of you with stacks of bog roll you can use them."