Skullcandy - Sports Performance Chop Sports ear buds

Exercise is good for us all apparently, personally a walk round the woods with the dog does it for me, but for some it’s a lifestyle choice.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 1st October 2014, 7:00 am

In the past I have found wearing a headset whilst exercising is a good thing only the down side is them falling off or the headband getting soaked in sweat which takes the edge off the experience.

Skullcandy have just released their range of sports performance headsets called the chops, method and Chops buds which are designed for the fitness types amongst us.

Skullcandy sent me out a set of the Chops buds, which on first glance look cool and trendy, they have adjustable hooks to stop them slipping off whilst you are exercising.

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Now being the slob that I am I am not the person to be testing these to their extreme so I recruited a friend of mine who does spend plenty of time in the gym and out jogging.

We headed off down the gym and I sat in the relative safety of the café whilst my friend proceeded to go through her training regime.

The result was she loved them, the sound is pretty good for the price and she said that they never slipped off or became a distraction during her hour long exercise program, which included pounding away on the tread mill, using a rowing machine and weights (getting exhausted just thinking about it!)

The Chops buds are sweat resistant and this is a good idea, there are no foam ear covers but the buds fit nicely in the ears, the adjustable ear hooks help to get a good fit as well.

Next on the agenda was a nice jog around my local park again no problem they performed well and didn`t fall off.

The Chops buds are well constructed and tough, the 15 mm drivers deliver pretty good sound and for £17.99 the price is right.

These are the bottom of the range so there is no mic or volume control, this is only available on the higher spec models which are understandably more expensive.

They come in a variety of colours blue, pink, black, yellow and a sort of reddish colour.


The Skullcandy Chop sports performance ear buds are ideal for the energetic amongst us and are cheap enough, looks and sound quality is good and they do the trick nicely.

My friend was very impressed with them and if you are not into exercising then they are just as good as a normal set of ear buds.

Sports Performance Chop Sports ear buds



Comfort: 5/5

Sound quality: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5

Overall: 4.5/5