Eurostars still fizzing away after 35 years

Bucks Fizz (Cheryl Baker, right) are playing at the Marine Hall tomorrowBucks Fizz (Cheryl Baker, right) are playing at the Marine Hall tomorrow
Bucks Fizz (Cheryl Baker, right) are playing at the Marine Hall tomorrow
It was a memorable night in music back on April 4 1981 at the Royal Dublin Society when two attractive women had their skirts ripped off in front of half a billion people watching on live TV across Europe.

Yes, it was Bucks Fizz winning the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom with Making Your Mind Up.

The two women were Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston, whose outer, and longer, skirts were removed by bandmates Bobby G and Mike Nolan to reveal mini-skirts underneath.

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But Cheryl, now reunited with Mike and Jay in ‘Formerly of Bucks Fizz’, tells me that the routine was not a deliberate ploy to be noticed.

“No, it was purely by accident”, the bubbly 55-year-old explains.

“We were discussing costumes for the show; Jay wanted a mini-skirt and I wanted a longer skirt as I had quite muscular legs because I used to be a runner.

“Everybody got involved; us, the costumiers, the choreographers, management, the record company and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all. In the end I said, ‘why not have both?’ and the choreographer said ‘Yes! That’s it’ and came up with the routine.”

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Cheryl and the rest of the ‘Fizzers’, are at present in the throes of a nationwide tour.

“It’s so fantastic!” She enthuses. “It’s going better than I expected, and it’s great considering we haven’t toured like this for a long time.”

“You look into the audience and see fans from the eighties who are there with their children and parents. Three generations are coming to see the show – it’s unbelievable.”

The tour is titled ‘The Land Of Make Believe Tour and goes through to the middle of November.

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“We sing all the hits, bar a couple, and a couple of medleys incorporating album tracks which were picked from a survey of our fan club members.”

“Towards the end we do an 80’s medley which lasts about 15 minutes and really gets the crowd on their feet; then we finish with Land Of Make Believe and Making Your Mind Up. And yes, we do the skirt-ripping.”

Formerly of Bucks Fizz will be playing Fleetwood Marine Hall, tomorrow, with tickets priced at £18.