Crazy fright night was packed full of rock classics

Vampires RockVampires Rock
Vampires Rock
Vampires Rock Ghost Train, Grand Theatre

A show featuring so much great music cannot fail to be a hit with audiences.

Material by the likes of Meat Loaf, Queen, Guns and Roses and Bruce Springsteen (Because the Night) makes it a rock fans dream night out.

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But the delivery has to be good too, and Steve Steinman and his brilliant band of blood-sucking singers and musicians, especially vampette Penny Jones, did not disappoint.

By the end, with everyone on their feet, the balcony of this old theatre was literally swaying!

The story is the classic tale of the young innocent lured into the vampire’s lair - the cast themselves admit the script is a bit lame, and it’s all very much tongue in cheek.

But who cares about the narrative when we are here to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of our guitar gods.

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From Rainbow’s Since You’ve Been Gone through to the Meat Loaf and Cher anthem Dead Ringer for Love, and everything in between, the pace never faultered.

With the audience already ramped up, the finale of Van Halen’s Jump, along with I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Final Countdown and Crazy, Crazy Nights rounded of a fang-tastic (sorry!) night.


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