California calling for Blackpool artist George Townley who will open his first exhibition in LA's Melrose Avenue.

California dreamin' has become a reality for one talented Blackpool artist and illustrator, whose unique interpretations of Americana architecture have earned him a showcase of his work in the heart of LA.

By Nicola Jaques
Monday, 9th March 2020, 11:45 am
Blackpool artist and illustrator George Townley who has been commissioned for his first exhibition in LA
Blackpool artist and illustrator George Townley who has been commissioned for his first exhibition in LA

George Townley, originally from Poulton, was inspired by the city's iconic landmarks during a six month stint in California, whilst studying at the University San Marcos.

His passion for the colourful buildings of the 'City of Angels' led to a series or artworks as a form as 'escapism' from working long hours as a full time illustrator for music record label NCS in London.

Now his distinctive digital renditions of sights including including Stahl House and the Griffith Observatory have caught the eye of bosses at Gallery 1988 in Melrose Avenue and the 23-year-old, will be flying back out to the states next month for his first exhibition with an opening reception on April 3.

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George Townley's impression of Stahl House

The former Hodgson High School pupil said he welcomed the chance to move to the American city, as part of his studies at University of Central Lancashire and whilst there he became a 'Americana obsessive.'

He said: "Staying at home while studying my degree, I jumped when the opportunity came to have a semester in California and I was really drawn to the course.

"That time was a really big change for me as it was my first experience of living on my own and was such a change in environment.

"But it was great creatively as I found myself really drawn to these really unique buildings and it inspired me to take my work in a new direction. It really changed my style for the better."

Griffith's Observatory, George's image will be shown at the exhibition at Gallery 1988 in LA in April

"It was a form of escapism with all the colour and since then, my passion for Americana and architecture has been prevalent in all my projects since."

“The gallery asked me if I could put something together - a large part of my work is shared on Instagram and I have an American following.

"I’ve created 12 exclusive pieces and it’s such an exciting opportunity. I’m a bit nervous, but it will be great to go back and see it all come together.”

Discover more of George’s work on Instagram and his website