Mikey Moon's health and fitness column: Don't be put off by an off-day

In this week’s health and fitness column, Mikey Moon of Fortitude Fitness says you shouldn’t feel bad if you have an off-day......

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 4:45 pm

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Mikey Moon's health and fitness column: Think in weeks not days...

I spent more than a week trying to contact a client who is normally on the ball, so her failure to respond was a little odd.

Anyway, on my third message, she finally replied and told me that her last couple of weeks had been really bad and that as a result of that, she had been embarrassed to contact me.

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Mikey Moon says don't be ashamed if you slip up

Now my clients know me better than that, usually. I don’t believe in shouting at people or sacking clients purely because they’ve had a slip-up.

I firmly believe that slip-ups are part of the process.

Actually, as a PT, I want you to slip up because this is where the real learning starts.

Like I’ve said before, anyone can follow a plan. When you slip up though, that is where you learn.

The best thing you can do is get straight back to it, get that nutrition right and get back on the wagon, so to speak.

The worst thing you can do is sulk, go into your shell, and start a spiral of self destruction where you don’t bother with training or nutrition, and over time, it gets worse.

This spiral doesn’t end because there is only you that can end it, so if you’re too busy sulking about having an off-day, then how do you plan to fix it?

A little slip-up won’t completely undo your progress, fix it the next day and you will be fine.

Don’t start on a spiral and really unravel all of that hard work.

It’s okay to have a little slip-up, it’s not okay to take yourself backwards because you’re sulking.

So if you have had a bad day yesterday, today you are faced with two choices: sulk about it and feel down all day, punishing yourself, or accept you are a human being, these things happen and fix it.

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