Health and fitness with Mikey Moon: It's not greedy to want more

This week Mikey Moon of Fortitude Fitness asks: Why are we scared to push ourselves?

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Health and fitness with Mikey Moon: Don't feel helpless

Fitness can be hard work sometimes. I spoke to one of my friends and former clients yesterday and we were saying that there is always more drive. There is always a desire to do more, always a desire to look better, a desire to perform better.

The same can be said for life, we always want something more, there is always more.

Mikey Moon of Fortitude Fitness provides health and fitness tips every week for Gazette readers

It's nature and evolution, as humans we are designed against contentment, this would lower our guard against possible threats to our survival. So basically we are programmed to think like this, and to always want something more.

It is my belief that this should be normalised more. People tell us all the time how we should be content with what we have and not strive for more, but really why is it a bad thing to want to improve?

Now please notice that I have used the word content instead of happy here. To me happiness and content are two completely different things. Just because I am not content does not mean I am not happy. The world views people who are not content as people who are not happy and that is not necessarily the case. Maybe they are happy, maybe they just want more.

Become comfortable wanting more, it isn't something that should be a taboo subject, I think to often people are scared to be seen to want more, we don't want to be seen as too ambitious, and as a result of that we may live our lives not realising our true potential.

Swing for the fences, they were put up that far away, because someone has reached them before. So why not you.

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