Fleetwood boxer raring to go on return to the ring after recent health scare

Dan 'Dangerous' Catlin returns to the ring later this monthDan 'Dangerous' Catlin returns to the ring later this month
Dan 'Dangerous' Catlin returns to the ring later this month
Up-and-coming Fleetwood boxer Dan Catlin will be looking to put his recent health scare behind him when he returns to the ring later this month.
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The 20-year-old (2-0) was due to fight back in March but had to pull out at the last minute after an abnormality was found on a brain scan.

However, he has since been given the green light to continue and he will now return in a four rounder in Colne on June 30.

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“Nowadays with the boxing board they’re quite strict with your medicals,” Catlin said.

“I had a brain scan and my brain had changed slightly. They’ve since investigated it and said it’s no problem, it’s probably just growing because of my age or something.

“But because there was a slight change they had to investigate it and it just happened my appointment to get it checked out fell after the date I was due to fight, so I had to pull out.

“I wasn’t too worried about it. I spoke to a few people who it had happened to before and they told me it was nothing to worry about.

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“But because of all the things going on, the injuries that are happening, they have to be really, really careful.

“It was always in the back of my mind but my manager just told me to carry on doing what I was doing and not to worry about it too much.

“When I got the all-clear it was just a massive relief, knowing I could fight again.

“I only found out about it two days before I was due to fight, so that was far from ideal. I got the call in my last training session.”

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The middleweight claimed a points win against Geiboord Omier on his debut in August of last year before knocking out Karim Khan two months later - both bouts taking place in Colne.

“Things are going really well in the gym this time round, I feel really good and ready for the fight,” he added.

“This fight will be another four rounder and after that I’ll possibly look to do six rounds in my next fight.

“I’ll just see how it goes but training has gone really well so far and I feel I could easily do six rounds now.

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“It’s a big year for me, I want to be active. I want at least another two fights as well as this one, possibly even three.

“Next year I can then step up and start to look at bigger fights.”

Blackpool’s Alex McCloy is also due to fight on the June 30 show at the Municipal Hall.