Stand-in skipper Danny Philliskirk sets positive example at AFC Fylde


By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th March 2022, 8:00 am

Disappointed with the result but didn't think we deserved to lose 2-0. I thought it was a terrific game at this level and the new manager has gone in there and got them playing really well. They are fit, energetic, bomb men forward and make it extremely difficult for you. I thought it was hammer and tongs and we went end to end. For the first 20 minutes of the second half I thought we had the initiative and imposed ourselves on York. We succumbed to a goal from a cross, probably against the run of play, then we looked disappointed for a while. It knocked the stuffing out of us. Then we threw bodies forward, and they got a second goal on the counter-attack which is probably the most disappointing part of the night for me. They dribbled straight through the middle and it really killed us of, but for the majority of the game I thought it could have gone either way. And with the run we've been on we just became a little disappointed in our performance and didn't attack them the same and we've come out losing 2-0.

We need some wins because wins breed confidence. The game was ever so easy at the start of the season, when you score a couple of goals, you win and you move on to the next game, but when you've had a few losses and things have gone against you, it isn't so easy and we saw that tonight.

I've been angry with the players after some of the performances, especially at home, but tonight I thought the performance level was good for the majority of the game but you can't fault the effort of the players. For me it's about them dusting themselves down and getting ready to produce a good performance on Saturday. If we can get some goals and wins that will breed confidence among the group. It's a young group and there are more players with coats on not available than there are turning out and trying their best for us. We have to give them confidence, and results and performances will do that.

Danny Philliskirk takes the game to York City on Tuesday

If you chop and change to try to find a winning formula you get criticised for not having a settled team, and if you keep a settled team you get criticised for not giving one or two others an opportunity. Not everyone is available to us but we'll assess it. We expected to win tonight on the back of a good win away from home and that hasn't happened. We have good staff here, great facilities and some good players, and we have to remember that. At times like this it's easy to jump on the bandwagon, criticise and say everything's wrong but it's not. There's a lot that's right but we have to get a result on Saturday and we'll be working hard to do so.

Jorome's attitude has been great and his personality around the place has been good. He's a little a little unfortunate not to start tonight because we changed it from the two up on Saturday. He looked to make a positive impact when he came on. And it's that energy, enthusiasm and positivity he brings that we need at the moment. There's no point us being negative. You have to roll your sleeves up and be as positive as possible ,which he is, and enable us to get a performance not only from him but from all of the players on Saturday.

Philli: Very disappointed. I thought it was a good advert for the league with two good teams. They are one of the better teams that have come here this season but it's very frustrating. First half was probably 50-50 but in the first 20-25 minutes of the second half we were dominating. Then we conceded a sloppy goal, one becomes two and unfortunately we lose the game.

I thought the performance was better than previous losses. Up until 70 minutes we looked the better team and the more energetic team. Can we work the opposition goalkeeper a bit more? Probably yes, but I didn't feel we performed badly and it could have gone either way.

Stand-in captain: I'll just be my normal self. Try to get the ball, organise and lead by example, that's what I've always done throughout my career. I haven't been captain before but hopefully until Whits is back I'll continue and I hope he is back soon because he's a big player for us.

We have to remain positive. There are worse things in life going on at the minute. What's going on in Ukraine is much worse than football. We've got to come here and enjoy ourselves. We are fortunate to be full time and we just have to stay positive. Yes we want to win the league. Is it looking likely at the minute? Potentially not but we want to finish as high as we can, and if we can win two, three or four on the spin who knows? Lets try and do that and see where it takes us.”