Bowyer: I understand Blackpool fans' anger

Gary Bowyer says he understands the Blackpool supporters' battle with the club and is fully aware how difficult it will be to lure them back.
Gary BowyerGary Bowyer
Gary Bowyer

Many fans have turned their back on a club which chairman Karl Oyston recently admitted was “a mess”, while Pool’s last two managers both described their job as impossible.

And Bowyer wasn’t ready to question fans for criticising the club, instead sympathising with their plight.

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“I understand fans and their opinions,” he told The Gazette. “They are passionate and care deeply about their club. That’s something I care about and respect.

“I care about the football club I work for and will also be showing passion.

“I am just going to work as hard as I possibly can to bring success to this club.

“It’s not going to be easy to get the fans back, I’m fully aware of that.

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“The fact the club has had relegations – never mind all the other stuff – doesn’t lend itself to that really but I can only concentrate on the future.”

Last season’s Bloomfield Road attendances were the lowest for a decade and are expected to drop further in League Two.

Owners the Oystons have been subjected to ongoing protests and to continual calls from Blackpool Supporters’ Trust for them to leave the club.

New boss Bowyer hopes a solution can be found for everyone’s sake.

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He said: “Hopefully the relationship between everyone around Blackpool FC will improve – it needs to.

“It’s not just the football we are talking about – it’s the whole town and community.

“This club has experienced the Premier League and the effect that has on the whole place.

“We need to get people smiling about their team again.”

Bowyer faced similar problems at previous club Blackburn, where fans have long protested against the owners – Indian company Venky’s.

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And with that experience, Bowyer intends to keep out of the off-the-field issues at Blackpool from the start.

“I think all football people will tell you that you are better off with your supporters onside,” said Bowyer.

“Ultimately some of that will come down to performances and results and that’s the bit of all this I can control.

“I’ve had this sort of situation at Blackburn in the past and I just didn’t get involved.

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“As a manager there’s no point me trying to get involved in problems between the owners and the fans, it’s really not something I can affect.

“In the past I concentrated on the football, that’s all I can do here.”