BST urge Blackpool fans to stay patient

BST's Christine Seddon
BST's Christine Seddon
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The chair of Blackpool Supporters’ Trust admits the outcome of this week’s court hearing was “frustrating” but insists it’s not a backwards step.

Many had hoped Wednesday’s hearing would turn out to be a game-changer in the long fight to see the Oyston family relinquish control of the football club.

But Owen Oyston was only given another warning for his failure to repay the debt to Valeri Belokon, despite it being almost 12 months since November’s original High Court ruling.

BST chair Christine Seddon, who was there to witness the hearing, says fans must remain patient.

“It’s frustrating on one level because, as Blackpool fans, this whole process is taking such a long time,” Seddon said.

“Until the situation between Valeri and Owen is resolved, we as a football club and the supporters are in limbo.

“So from that angle it’s a little disappointing that nothing much has happened, but it’s certainly not a step backwards.

“It is frustrating we have to wait for a long-drawn out legal process, but these things do take a long time.

“They say the British court system is the finest in the world, but maybe that’s because it is very thorough. Very slow, but very thorough.

“Let’s hope that is the case. We just have to hang on in there and not give up.

“What we’ve got to remember is that this legal action is between two business people, it’s not a legal action on behalf of the football fans.

“Clearly Belokon’s action is very useful to fans who want to see the back of the Oystons, because realistically it’s a financial torpedo that will eventually see the end of their reign at Bloomfield Road.

“But it’s not on behalf of us. We can’t control it. We are literally having to wait for the outcome of a legal case before anything can move on for the club, the manager and the players and, of course, for the supporters too.”

Many had hoped Belokon’s legal team would push for the appointment of a court receiver to settle the debt, an idea the judge even suggested, but this never came to fruition.

Seddon added: “I don’t know why Belokon’s legal team didn’t proceed on that immediately, but then again we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. So it’s very difficult to comment.

“We have to hope there is a reason for it or maybe they feel it isn’t necessary because something is going to happen. I really don’t know, but I am surprised it wasn’t seized upon.”