Brett Ormerod column: Blackpool sacking Simon Grayson wouldn’t make any sense

Iwould be very surprised if Simon Sadler sanctions all of Blackpool’s new signings, only to give Simon Grayson the boot during the same month.

Friday, 31st January 2020, 10:45 am
Updated Friday, 31st January 2020, 11:17 am
Troubled times for Simon Grayson (left) and his coach David Dunn, though the club’s owner Simon Sadler has certainly backed him with transfer funds

I know there have been a few rumblings among the fans but at the end of the day Grayson is the most successful League One manager.

He’s had four promotions with different teams, including Blackpool.

And with the club making so many signings this month, it would be madness for Sadler to back his manager in the transfer window as he has, only to sack him soon after. It wouldn’t make sense.

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Will he bring in another manager who might want a completely different team, which would mean starting from scratch again? I can’t see it.

When Sadler first arrived, he wasn’t really looking to get promoted this season anyway. He talked about it being a two to three-year project, after getting a good squad together first to build on.

There’s plenty of time left in the season, so I’d be very surprised if Grayson was to get the axe, even taking into consideration the team’s poor form.

Grayson has brought a lot of players in during this month’s transfer window, so it might take a bit of time to gel.

When you bring in so many players at once, you don’t always hit the ground running.

That’s even the case with some of the top clubs in the Premier League when they make four or five new additions halfway through the season.

But Grayson has to make them gel and start playing together as quickly as possible because they’re in danger of seeing the season slip away from them.

There’s still a long way to go but the club have certainly gone for it this month with the players they’ve brought in.

You’d have to say this is probably the most business Blackpool have ever done in January, so it’s going to take time for the people who come in to get up to speed.

The manager has built a good squad but I just hope they can start getting those wins again, so the season doesn’t peter out.

They’re approaching a vital point in the campaign in the next couple of weeks because if they don’t pick up their form they’re in danger of being out of it.

I don’t think they’re in danger of relegation or anything like that – things aren’t that bad – but the next few weeks will determine whether they’re a team pushing for the play-offs or a team that finishes in mid-table.

Everything has been positive on the signings front – it’s just about making them play now.

Chris Maxwell is one of those new arrivals and he’s an ex-team-mate of mine.

I was with him at Wrexham and he’s a good goalkeeper. The rest of the signings look good too.

If Blackpool can string a few wins together they’ll be right back in it.

But they need it to be sooner rather than later, otherwise the other teams will get too far away.

No-one gets promoted in January or February. It’s where you are in May that matters.

It was unbelievably sad to hear about the Wycombe Wanderers fan who passed away, having had a heart attack at their stadium before the match on Tuesday.

You should never go to a football match and not come home, so I can only send my heartfelt condolences to the man’s family.

He’s gone to watch his team play and unfortunately he’s not come home, which is extremely sad.

It puts football into perspective at the end of the day. It’s sport and it’s about entertainment, but there are far more important things going on in the world.