Blackpool fan groups release joint statement about potential impact of Court Receiver

Could a Court Receiver be appointed to realise Owen Oyston's 25m debt?
Could a Court Receiver be appointed to realise Owen Oyston's 25m debt?
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Three of Blackpool's leading fan groups have released a joint statement to inform supporters about the potential impact of a Court Receiver being appointed.

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As detailed in today's Blackpool Supporters' Trust (BST) column, written by vice-honorary president Tim Fielding, the legal team of Valeri Belokon are considering appointing a Court Receiver to realise the £25m debt the Latvian is still owed by Owen Oyston.

Were this to happen, this would be an unprecedented move in English football and would involve a lot of uncertainty, involving the potential threat of a 12-point deduction by the EFL.

There is also likely to be a discussion over whether or not boycotting fans should return if or when a Receiver is brought in.

BST, in conjunction with Tangerine Knights and Muckers Supporters' Group, agree that fans ought to consider this carefully before a general consensus is agreed upon.

Their statement reads: "As you will all have seen from the BST article in today’s Gazette on the impact of the appointment of a Court Receiver at our club, we seem to be moving towards the end game for the Oyston regime.

"It also seems highly likely that there will be periods of uncertainty in the coming weeks/months as to what is happening and how this impacts upon the ongoing ethical boycott/NAPM stance we’ve maintained up to now.

"Yesterday evening representatives from the three fans' groups met to discuss the issue and agreed that were a Court Receiver to be appointed it would be crucially important that we fully understand the terms of any receivership before any recommendation can be made to our members and the fanbase generally as to whether the boycott should continue or be lifted and if so, on what terms.

"As the BST article makes clear, such a decision can only be properly made once we have the relevant facts and must not be taken prematurely.

"All three fans' groups are committed to working together to ensure that the facts as we receive them are presented to you all with as much clarity as possible so as to ensure that together we can make the right decision for ourselves and the future of Blackpool FC.

"Over the last four to five years we’ve all been part of an unprecedented campaign against the Oystons' ownership of our club. What’s important now is that when we return (and we will) that we do so in the same way we have boycotted – TOGETHER."