Belokon responds to '˜short-sighted' Blackpool FC owners

Valeri Belokon told The Gazette it would be a 'short-sighted reaction' by Blackpool FC if his request to be replaced by Normunds Malnacs on the board was refused.

Friday, 25th August 2017, 9:17 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:12 pm
Valeri Belokon

Belokon resigned as a director on Tuesday and called for fellow Latvian Malnacs to replace him. However, chairman Karl Oyston stated that Malnacs’ return was “unlikely”, not least because he had twice been “sacked” from the board by Belokon.

When asked about this by The Gazette, Belokon acknowledged that the Oystons had the right as the largest shareholders to block Malnacs’ return but he said: “I am surprised about the rejection of (this) experienced football professional for the post of director. I think that rejection is a short-sighted reaction. To my understanding this reaction shows that from the Oyston side emotions still prevail over the rational interests of the club.

“This reaction from the Oyston side once more demonstrates violation of the rights of other shareholder.

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“My decision is based on my understanding of what’s best for football, for the club. I cannot see how Club would not benefit from the work of professional like Normunds, especially taking into consideration that directors’ remuneration (N.Malnacs and current director K.Varpins) is funded by me personally all these years and that would continue.

“I am convinced that professional management of the Club can lead to much better team performance on the field and better results. We have experienced it before and I am sure we can achieve it in the future with professional management of the Club.”

Despite his resignation, Belokon also outlined an ongoing commitment to the club in a letter to Blackpool Supporters’ Trust.

In this alternative version of the resignation letter sent elsewhere this week, he wrote: My strong emotional tie with Blackpool FC remains intact. I am faithful to the club. I keep following the club’s life on and off the pitch. Like all these 10 years that have passed, I am truly interested in club’s future.

“I would like to thank all fans for the fantastic support you gave to the club and me personally all these years, for giving me a chance to be in a fantastic company, to fight together and to enjoy the taste of success together.

“I am proud that I am part of an unbelievable success story of English football. It is important that football and football love are first in our club also in the future. Together, we will achieve this!”

Asked in a BBC Radio interview on Thursday whether he could envisage returning to the club in future, Belokon replied: “Of course”.