'A shabby anniversary': Blackpool Supporters' Trust mark Oyston/Belokon High Court ruling one year on

Blackpool fans gathered outside Bloomfield Road last nightBlackpool fans gathered outside Bloomfield Road last night
Blackpool fans gathered outside Bloomfield Road last night
Frustrated Blackpool supporters marked the one year anniversary of the court judgement between Owen Oyston and Valeri Belokon with a vigil outside Bloomfield Road last night.
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Blackpool Supporters’ Trust organised for “let down”’ fans to gather outside the main entrance at the stadium.

There each person was handed a page from last year’s 163-page court judgement, which ruled that Oyston had “illegitimately stripped” the club of cash following its promotion to the Premier League in 2010.

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It was found that the Oystons had unfairly prejudiced Belokon, who accused them of “improperly” extracting tens of millions of pounds from the club.

A BST spokesperson said: “November 6 marked one year since the High Court ruling against Owen Oyston and in favour of Valeri Belokon and still nothing is resolved at Blackpool FC.

“It is a "shabby" anniversary. The club, the fans, the town of Blackpool are still being let down.

“Blackpool FC played away at Gillingham but outside Bloomfield Road, Blackpool, protesters have been holding a vigil to highlight the continuing plight of our football club and the failure of the football authorities to acknowledge or act upon the seismic ruling of a year ago.

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“Fans held up all 163 pages of Justice Marcus Smith's forensic ruling against the Oystons who have illegitimately stripped our football club, have sued fans who dared to suggest they had done such a thing and have cynically overseen the managed decline of a club that was in the Premier League only seven years ago.

“It is a disgraceful situation and the ethical boycott by thousands of fans will continue until there is regime change at Blackpool FC.”

In response, an EFL spokesman told The Gazette: “The EFL has endeavoured to provide BST with as much information as we are able to do in answer to their queries over an extended period of time, both in correspondence and through face-to-face meetings as appropriate.

“We also remain in regular dialogue with our member club with the long-term aim being to instil some stability and return the focus of everyone associated with Blackpool FC to performances on the pitch, rather than on the activities off it.”