Cardle wants his Lonsdale Belt back

Cardle - in action on Saturday night at Manchester Arena
Cardle - in action on Saturday night at Manchester Arena
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Lytham boxer Scott Cardle could be excused for having his mind in two places at once at Manchester Arena on Saturday night.

He has a comeback fight against Lee Connelly and will be the most interested spectator in the arena to watch the British lightweight title fight between Robbie Barrett and Lewis Ritson.

It was a Lonsdale Belt that was in his possession until Barrett snatched it off him on a fraught night in Glasgow in April.

But first nothing must distract Cardle for the pressing job in hand, disposing of Connelly, who doesn’t bring the most impressive career record to the ring.

Cardle says his approach will be deadly serious.

“Connelly can take a bit of punishment, but he can also come back. I am not going into the ring thinking that it is going to be easy, but at the same time I want to make a statement to show that I deserve the chance to get the title back against the winner of Barrett/Ritson.”